New Rechargeable E-Cigarette Starter Kits are now widely accepted

As of late, the rechargeable e-cigarette starter kit game has been a normal part of everyday living.  You see smokers making the switch to these rechargeable e-cigarette starter kits on a regular basis… or they are already using them.

It’s no surprise the e-cigarette has taken such big strides in the last few years.  It’s helping many people quit smoking tobacco cigarettes and live much healthier lives.  The effect the ecigarette is having on families and the public is great.  No odor and best of all no 2nd hand smoke.  The e-cigarette is even receiving the thumbs ups from doctors around the nation.

Bars, restaurants, airports, shopping malls… they are all starting to accept e-cigarettes as an alternative to sending customers outside to tend to their bad habit.  Life is basically becoming much easier the the smoker when they make the switch to ecigs.

Mod and starter kit that works…

Was sitting in my awesome yoga class a while back, checking out sweaty hotties, and thinking about my health and how cigarettes are messing up my yoga flow. I don’t wear these cute see thru yoga pants for nothing so I figured I’d take action and look into some rechargeable-e-cigarette-starter-kits to kick the bad habit, get all super yogi, eat some green veggies, and get my upward dog on. Decided that the tru smoke rechargeable-e-cigarette-starter-kits were the ones for me and tried them for a while and it definitely has helped me to breath and improve in yoga and get all zenned out. The best part is the flavor carts that come with the rechargeable-e-cigarette-starter-kits can be modified to be a 2 hit undercover pot vaporizer. It is a pretty easy and rad mod and totally improves my cranium space throughout the week so I can yoga out. 

Honest Tru Smoke Starter Kit Review

So I decided to make the switch to electronic cigarettes a few months ago.  I was finally finished with my clothes smelling like an ashtray, the inconvenience of stepping outside for a smoke, and the overall ill effects it has on your life… like not being able to breath.

I started with purchasing the $20 disposable ecigs from the liquor store.  They were a good start but I wanted something I could easily charge, experiment with different flavors, and not break the bank.  I searched online and found many brands with appealing products with unappealing prices.  I’m not ready to drop $80 on a ecig.  The point is to cut into the costs of my smoking habit not add to it.

I found the Tru-Smoke product and decided to give it a try.  It seemed easy to use, they have a variety of flavors, and the price was right at $40 for their Starter Kit.  Purchased through their website,, and received the Starter Kit a few days later.

Starter Kit comes as 1 single unit wrapped in a clear plastic wrap to keep it all together.  The kit is basically the same size as a pack of standard cigarettes which is nice.  Keeps everything familiar and I don’t have to deviate from my normal routine.


The Starter Kit comes with 6 Tobacco flavored cartridges in a Medium strength nicotine.  I like how you can carry extra cartridges with you in the unit itself.  Makes it easy.  Comes with simple to read directions on using the product which is nice.


The charging feature is what I think sets this product apart.  You just remove the perforated cut-out on the bottom of the pack and it reveals a slider.  Just lightly push in the slider and slide out the prongs.  It plugs into any wall plug to charge.  Has a light on the packet that lets you know its charging (red) and turns green when charged completely.  The pack has a slot that you screw the battery into when time to charge.  Nice and easy.






The ecig itself consist of 3 pieces.  A battery, atomizer, and flavor cartridge.  Pretty simple operation.  Atomizer screws onto battery and flavor cartridge slides onto atomizer.


The flavor cartridge is made of plastic with the nicotine solution hidden in a small foil packet in the cartridge.  The atomizer punctures the foil and heats up the nicotine solution when you take a drag.  The tip of the battery lights up to let you know its working.



I used the product all day and it definitely did what it was supposed to do.  Anytime I had a craving for a cigarette, I would pull out the ecig and puff on it for awhile.  So far so good.

I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking to try out the ecig thing.  I’ve smoked it in my car, at my office, watching TV at my house, etc.  It’s definitely easy to use and easy on the wallet compared to other products.  I’m going to order a couple different flavor cartridges in different nicotine strengths and I’ll write a review on that later.



New technology for E Cigarette

The e cigarette industry continues to evolve.  It is not surprising given that the electronic cigarette was invented not too long ago and the industry is still growing so it is only natural that we will continue to see new technology continue to get develop.

Remember this is a billion dollar industry with a lot of deep pocket companies.

The latest introduction into the industry comes in the form of magnet cartomizer.  You might be asking yourself, what is a “magnet cartomizer”?  I’ll explain.  The currently most widely used nicotine cartridges screw into your electronic cigarette battery.  They were a step up to the older version of batteries that screwed into a artomizer and then you insert a nicotine cartridge into.  So that was a total of three pieces.

The advancement reduced that into two pieces by combining the artomizer and the cartridge into one piece which increase the amount of draw one could get when smoking and reduce potential problems with defects.

Today with the magnetic cartomizer, one no longer needs to screw the battery and cartomizer together.  Instead you simply insert them into one another.  They are held together by magnet.  This means that are more convenient and easier to use.  They also use a different battery and are a step up from older models.

These new batteries and cartomizer should be hitting the market soon if they have not already.

What is an E Cigarette starter kit?

E Cigarette Starter Kits are sold all over the Internet.  A E cigarette starter kit usually consists of a electronic cigarette, a nicotine cartridge, and a battery charger.  An electronic cigarette is made up of three parts: the battery, the nicotine based cartridge and a atomizer.

It is very important to purchase a starter kit instead of the cigarette alone when you want to try an e cigs because they come with everything that you need to start smoking.

It will have a charger so that you can recharge your battery and additional cartridges so that you can keep on smoking when you run out of nicotine.

The price range for a starter kit will range anywhere from $39 to $200 depending on the manufacturer.

But, before you run out to the store or start searching online, you should know the differences between a refillable, a refill and a rechargeable electronic cigarette starter kit.

Not all starter kits are the same.  Some are disposable  –  Which means, after you run out of nicotine you simply through it away and buy a new one.

A refillable e cig means that you can use oils and other substances to refill your cigs.  Its kinda like when you run out of gas with your car.  Once you run out you need to fill her up to keep driving.

A rechargeable e-cigarette is one that requires you to remove the existing cartridge and replace it with a new one.

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